Fiskesluk Delfin Åsenskjea 7g.

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Fiskesluk Delfin Åsenskjea 7g.
En sluk i farge kobber.

Back in 1882 Arnulf Hoff created the first Delfin lures, “Hoffsluk”, to be sold from his goldsmith and jeweler shop in Norway. Their quality and ability to catch fish soon became known and the order books filled up. In 1903 the skilled jeweler and goldsmith started experimenting with other lure models, and with a larger selection and a growing demand the shop soon became way too small. In 1904 – 22 years after the first lures were made – Arnulf Hoff founded “Slukfabrikken Delfin A/S”. This factory was situated in Trondheim near excellent trout waters, beautiful coastline and famous salmon rivers like Gaula and Stjørdal Rivers. No one could imagine a better place for Arnulff Hoff to experiment with new lures, shapes and sizes.  As a jeweler and goldsmith he was always paying attention to details and his lures soon became a popular choice for anglers all over Scandinavia. To many they still rate as the best lures ever made.With modern production taking over, attention to details is more important than ever. More than a century ago Arnulf Hoff understood how precious metals and other types of metals had a superior way of reflecting light in the water. He also understood how the different shapes and action patterns of a lure could trigger a bite. The Delfin lures you buy today are based on the knowledge and craftsmanship of the man who created them so many years ago…


Vekt 100 G
Dimensjoner 16 × 11 × 2 cm

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